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Master Your AVL System With the Legendary Training

At Legend Sound Systems, we understand the frustration of investing in new AVL equipment only to have staff struggle with utilizing it to its full potential. To solve this, we offer comprehensive hands-on training workshops that give your team complete confidence and skills in operating audio mixers, video projectors, lighting boards, presentation software, and more.

In an interactive learning environment with our experienced instructors, your staff will transform from novice users to masters of your new systems. Our workshops demystify even the most complex hardware and software through practical exercises, simplifying jargon, and clear explanations. The result is an empowered AV team ready to create incredible productions.

The Value of Proper AV Training

Advanced AVL systems offer immense creative potential, but only if your staff knows how to use them effectively. Without proper training, you create headaches and miss out on the return from your equipment investment and ability to produce high-impact events. Our targeted training delivers:

Proper training creates a capable, unified team able to use systems to their maximum potential and deliver polished, glitch-free productions consistently.

Our Training Methodology

At Legend Sound Systems, our immersive training methodology is centered on hands-on exercises with patient guidance. Trainees directly operate the equipment themselves with support from instructors who provide individual feedback and answer questions. This allows for collaborative learning in small groups, which builds teamwork. We break down complicated technical concepts into simplified elements that can be easily digested. Through repetition of key drills, the workflows become ingrained, developing muscle memory for smooth operation during events. Our layered approach delivers confidence and skills exponentially faster than learning from manuals alone. For any production role from recording to mixing to lighting, our real-world training translates into excellence.

Systems We Offer Training On

With decades of experience, Legend Sound can provide customized training on any audio, video or lighting system. Our workshops cover digital mixers like Yamaha, Midas and Allen & Heath for skills in gain staging, EQ, dynamics and routing. For wireless mics from Shure, Sennheiser and Sony, we eliminate issues like dropouts. For recording and post-production, we teach widely used DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton. Our video workshops cover utilizing switchers, projectors, screens and software for impactful video presentations during events. For lighting, we offer programming and busking training on boards from MA Lighting, Chamsys and Avolites. Workshops can be tailored to any system involved in recording, live production or post. Contact us to learn more.

Invest in Your Team with Legend Sound Training

Even the most advanced AV systems remain ineffective without a team confident in using them. Through our immersive training workshops, your staff will gain deep knowledge of your new mixers, software, lighting consoles, and more. Give them the gift of capability and watch your events flourish. Contact Legend Sound Systems today about a consultation regarding A/V training tailored for your organization and the latest acquisitions. Investing in your team is the fastest way to see your equipment investment pay dividends. We look forward to helping your staff master the incredible tools now at their fingertips.