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About Us

Our mission is making your Legendary

At Legend Sound Systems, our passion is helping you share your message through excellent audio. Whether you're a musician performing on stage, a pastor delivering a sermon, or a business hosting an event, we believe everyone deserves to be heard clearly. For over 15 years, we've provided professional sound engineering, equipment, and training to churches, venues, schools, and organizations across the region. Our team brings decades of combined experience running audio for concerts, conferences, weddings, and more. We've seen it all and have the expertise to make any event sound incredible.

More Than Just Gear

Of course, having the right equipment is crucial. We utilize state-of-the-art systems from leading brands like JBL, Shure, Sennheiser, and Crown. Our complete PA packages and installs are customized for each unique venue using advanced acoustic analysis. But even the best gear needs to be expertly operated. Our engineers are true professionals who care deeply about faithfully reproducing your sound. We take the time to understand your specific needs, goals, and challenges. You’ll get an audio team invested in making you sound your absolute best.

Training Future Legends

Passionate volunteers are the heartbeat of church multimedia teams. But passion alone can’t replace skill and knowledge. We provide customized hands-on training to give volunteers confidence and ability in running sound, lighting, projections, and more. Our approach focuses on core concepts, demystifying equipment, and fostering teamwork between volunteers and performers. We want to equip your team to create an incredible experience for your congregation every time you meet.

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Called to Serve

Behind it all is our belief that audio engineering is a calling – one we at Legend feel privileged to fulfill. Our founder’s decades-long passion for sound led him to launch this company. His sense of purpose comes from enabling others to share their messages powerfully. As a business, we strive to serve ministries and non-profits affordably. We aim for excellence regardless of budget limitations because every message deserves to be heard.

Our Values

Our Services

We are a team of passionate audio visual experts who provide live sound engineering, installed systems, training, rentals, analysis, and recording to help ministries, venues, and organizations effectively amplify and share their messages.

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For over 15 years, Legend Sound Systems has been committed to making sure your audience hears every word. We’re excited to help tell your story through audio. Reach out now to start a conversation about achieving excellence together!

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Houses of Worship

Choosing Between Omnidirectional and Directional Headsets: An Interview with Alan Johnson, House of Worship Director for DPA Microphones

Learn from Alan Johnson, House of Worship Director for DPA Microphones, on how to choose between omnidirectional and directional mics for church services and corporate events. Discover expert tips on achieving the best sound for your pastor or keynote speaker.

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How to Choose Between a New Projector, LED Wall, or Monitor Display for Your Business or Church

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Allen & Heath AHM-64 Provides Versatile Solution for New York’s General Theological Seminary

Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise by upgrading the audio system at the Chapel of the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan, NY. This unique project required a solution that could accommodate two distinct types of services with varying audio needs.

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Installed Sound Solutions

Frost Lounge: Elevating Nightlife with Gourmet Bites and Bespoke Sound

Nestled within Doylestown’s historic district, Frost Lounge offers professionals a refined sanctuary to relax, connect, and find inspiration. With its carefully crafted cocktails, global small plates, and welcoming ambiance, Frost fosters genuine connections in an elevated setting.

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The Fundamentals: Crafting a Stellar Sound System for Live Events

Join us as we explore the fundamental principles and key considerations for creating a stellar sound system setup that captivates audiences and elevates the overall event atmosphere.

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Houses of Worship

Achieving Excellence: 5 Common Church Sound System Problems & Solutions

If you’ve attended a church service plagued by feedback, muffled vocals, or speakers blasting in certain seats while others can barely hear, you understand the disruption poor sound quality causes. With music and spoken word so central to most worship services, excellent audio should be a top priority for church leadership teams.

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