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April 17, 2024

Allen & Heath AHM-64 Provides Versatile Solution for New York’s General Theological Seminary

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At Legend Sound Systems, we take pride in our ability to provide tailored audio solutions for a wide range of customers. Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise by upgrading the audio system at the Chapel of the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan, NY. This unique project required a solution that could accommodate two distinct types of services with varying audio needs.

The seminary hosted daily traditional services, requiring a simple setup with a few wireless mics, as well as modern weekend services featuring a full band, which demanded more advanced audio control. Our challenge was to find a way to provide the right level of control access to different users based on their roles and expertise. After careful consideration, we chose to implement an Allen & Heath AHM-64 processor with a Dante module feeding directly to the amplifiers for the traditional services. To cater to the modern weekend services, we added a fully-featured 48-channel SQ-5 mixing console, connected to the same Dante network using its own Dante module. An Allen & Heath AR2412 stagebox seamlessly fed inputs to both the AHM and SQ.

To simplify control for seminary students during daily services, we created a custom mobile application using Allen & Heath’s Custom Control editor. The app interface featured seven faders, each limited to prevent feedback issues caused by excessive volume. This tailored solution empowered students to manage the microphones effectively without requiring extensive audio expertise.

A Straightforward Installation

The AHM’s Zone output functionality allowed our team to fine-tune the audio in the challenging acoustic environment of the chapel, with its stone walls and high ceilings. The precise tuning capabilities of the AHM ensured optimal sound quality throughout the space. Despite being our first time installing an AHM processor, we found the configuration and operation process to be straightforward. Allen & Heath’s comprehensive support resources, including instructional videos and a responsive support team, were readily available to guide us through any challenges.

The staff at the General Theological Seminary expressed their delight with the installed system and its intuitive control interface. Michael DeLashmutt, Senior Vice President of the Seminary, praised the setup for delivering excellent sound quality while remaining accessible to students, staff, and volunteers without professional AV expertise.

The success of this installation has garnered Legend Sound additional projects through word of mouth, and we plan to continue leveraging AHM for similar installations. We have a strong preference for Allen & Heath products due to their unparalleled service and commitment to resolving any issues promptly.

At Legend Sound Systems, we are dedicated to delivering innovative audio solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. The General Theological Seminary project exemplifies our ability to adapt to unique challenges and provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. We look forward to collaborating with Allen & Heath on future projects and pushing the boundaries of audio innovation together.

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